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Consultation $

When every dollar makes a difference, make sure you are using the most effective process, consumable and techniques to get your job in on time and under budget. For instance, I have been to workshops and seen pallets of all position welding consumables being used at $XXX / roll to see every welding bay using a rotator, thus recommending a cheaper 1G / 2G consumable and saving thousands of dollars on projects that I wasn’t personally involved with. Call Full Penetration Welding to make sure you are using the most cost effective solution for your project.

Qualified Onsite Welding and Fabrication $

With over 10 years in the Welding / Fabrication Industry working on Mine sites, Refineries, Structural and Marine Fabrication Workshops, teamed up with a portfolio of Qualified Welding Procedures. Let Full Penetration Welding be your choice for fabrication and/or welding.

Training $

In order for your company to have the quality product it wants to sell on the shop floor, you need adequately trained staff to get it there. Also well trained staff will help you get it done on time, under budget and to the highest quality. At Full Penetration Welding we have plenty of experience in adult training and will customise training to suit your needs.

Welding Inspection / Supervision $

If its reviewing Pre-Fabrication Documentation, developing and qualifying Welding Procedure Specifications, Welding Qualification Records, producing Inspection and Test Plans, compiling or reviewing Manufacture Data Records, or 3rd Party Visual Inspection on behalf of the purchaser, Let Full Penetration Welding help you with your project’s QA / QC requirements.